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  • randoM thoughts.

    a lot of people don’t understand why being an artist is such a stressful job. i get it all the tiMe like “oh you are living the life you just sing and play guitar and get paid for it” but that is such a bullshit bastardization of My job.
    iMagine working a job where every project you work on costs over $10,000 of your own pocket Money and you only get Maybe 1-2 chances a year to do it right because it takes so Much work. also, you Make one wrong Move like an insecure tweet or one project that doesn’t turn out as planned (Maybe BECAUSE you just don’t have that $10k in your pocket) and that’s it your career is back at square one at best, at worst you’re forced into the underground and early retireMent.
    you literally have to create soMething new that never existed before out of your Most intiMate and personal feelings and you’re left in the Middle of a crowd with everyone judging it and watching you, waiting for you to fuck up so they can hate you.
    for soMe reason it’s More entertaining to collectively hate soMething than to coMe together and appreciate a work of art.
    anyways, you can disagree coMpletely and think i’M an idiot, which will then cause you to disappreciate My Music, of course because an artist’s every word deterMines their ability to create, but this is just what i’M thinking on this wi-fi-less bus trip where i aM trying to figure out how i can not have My assets repo-d while i record My debut record.

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