r u Mine? - M O L I T O R

(Arctic Monkeys Cover)

gameher asked: wow I'm so awkward, but you're hot.

thanks. my secret: you know how on the shaMpoo bottle it says wash, rinse, repeat? i don’t repeat.

Anonymous asked: What are some of your favourite bands?

i usually have rotating favourite of the MoMent. in the past Month or so i’ve been really into the 1975, lorde, chance the rapper, twenty one pilots and a few others.

favourites of all tiMe though are say anything, green day, fall out boy, childish gaMbino, kanye west and drake. those ones always stick with Me.

ilovearcticmonkeysandthestrokes asked: I really liked your R U mine? cover (you asked me to tell you if I liked or not so I decided to send you an ask ❤️)

thank you so Much! glad you enjoyed it.